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    1. From 1992-1996, during the "prehistoric civilization" period of Chinese online games, the text online game (MUD, Chinese translated "mud") game represented by "Xia Ke Xing" began to prevail.

      In June 1998, the Lianzhong game world created by Bao Yueqiao, Jian Jing, and Wang Jianhua began to set up a game server in the Oriental Nets. A total of 5 kinds of online chess and card games such as arch pigs, and a generation of world online game giants began to take its first step.

      In April 1999, the Ledie Working Group was formally established. The establishment of Xiao Ao Jianghu Game Network has launched the earliest simple graphics MUD game "Swordsman's Loyalty to the Country".

      In July 1999, the Internet of Net Genesis appeared, and a large number of simulated servers have appeared in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other places. Sexually contact the real excellent graphic online game.

      In March 2000, Lianzhong created the Cyber ​​Band Guinness World Record. Lianzhong chose South Korea when expanding overseas markets. While the Korean version of Lianzhong Games started running, the two parties of China -Korea Cooperation held the first "China -Korea Network Go Fighting Competition", setting a record of the largest number of online Go games at that time -12140 people The event set a Guinness World Record and was officially certified by Guinness.

      In July 2000, the first real Chinese network graphic MUD game "King of the King" was officially launched. With excellent game quality and special historical conditions, the King of King of Wan "Become an indisputable king in China's first generation of online games. The operating mechanism of Chinese online games has also been established through "King of the King", and the potential market it seduces has become the direct reason to attract more companies to impact the online game market.

      In September 2000, the online game "The Three Kingdoms of the Internet" of the Three Kingdoms of Zhiguan Traditional Three Kingdoms was launched, and the "King of the Kings" was resisted in the same period, and it won a good reputation.

      In November 2000, Uchike Tong represented the Korean online game "The Light of Darkness" and entered the country, but this semi -finished game was quickly eliminated by the market, but it became the first shot of Korean online games to enter China Essence

      In January 2001, Beijing Huayi launched "Stone Age". This game replaces the bloody and violent design of traditional online role -playing games with bright colors, cute characters and humorous design. As a result, he became another market hegemon after "King of the King". At the same time, Huayi's WGS (counting charging) system began to run, providing a lot of reference for later online game charges.

      In March 2001, the first original online game "Fourth World" in mainland China was listed. White, but in the end, only its journey ended its journey.

      In March 2001, the Asian United, Taiwan Saint Master, and Jinghe Times jointly launched the Korean martial arts online game "Millennium", because the background is closer to Chinese culture, making it the most early Korean online games Affected works.

      In May 2001, "Lianzhong World" grew into the world's largest online game website. After more than three years of rapid growth, Lianzhong has developed to the scale of 170,000 people online and about 18 million registered users at the same time, becoming the world's largest online game site.

      On May 20, 2001, the "Jumping I" officially publicly tested. This ultimately failed Korean online game proves that adventure and PK are the first choice for Chinese players. Leisure community games are Since then, it has been greatly reduced.

      In June 2001, the construction of a special machine room for millions of players in Huayi. Beijing Huayi and China Netcom cooperate, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, which have the most concentrated population of the Internet in China, set up special machine rooms for players for more than millions of players online. To provide higher -speed and more stable online game services. The cooperation between game companies and telecommunications service providers has been fully launched.

      In July 2001, the "Dragon" represented by the third wave of theater Valley was officially launched. Improper handling has lost its own market.

      In July 2001, the second online game "Red Moon" of Ailian Games was officially launched. This background is the works of Korean classic science fiction and the same period of "Millennium" and "Dragon" Korean online game Together, South Korea ’s online games have been in most domestic markets.

      In July 2001, You Long launched "Jin Yong Qun Xia Zhuan Online" online. Net Jin successfully occupied the domestic game market in the hands of Korean online games and became the most successful original online game in 2001.

      The "Three -nation Century" released by Huacai in July 2001 was officially launched, but this game did not save the market that the "King of the King" was lost, and the hegemony of Hua Cai gradually declined. In October 2001, the Tianfu Hotline Game Center was formally established and quickly became the most important game position in the Southwest.

      In November 2001, Netease launched "Journey to the West", which sounded the horn of the portal network entering the online game industry. This measure has made online games a new profit growth point of the portal network.

      In November 2001, the "Legend" of Shanghai Shanda Agent was officially launched. No one expected that online games that originally thought it would not be influential would become the biggest winner of Chinese online games in the next two years.

      In January 2002, the "Magic Baby" represented by the Internet Star Company was listed. This online game that also from Japan quickly replaced the status of "Stone Age" in the Q version of the online game field.

      On January 11, 2002, the "Legend" broke out of the hacking incident, and Shanda Network rewarded 300,000 to catch the culprit.

      In May 2002, Cicada Tong Software launched the "Decisive Battle". At this time, Han Liu has been unstoppable to sweep the entire Chinese online game market.

      In June 2002, Netease introduced the "Elf" of the three major online games in Korea at that time in order to make up for the poor operating conditions. Essence

      On June 16, 2002, the fire of Beijing Blue Permiars was shocked across the country, and 21 young lives of Beijing University of Science and Technology forced the government to rectify the black Internet cafes across the country.

      On June 25, 2002, "Gulong Qun Xia Zhuan Online" began testing. This is the first work of Hong Kong online games in the mainland.

      In July 2002, the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" from "The Three Kingdoms of the Internet" was officially charged, but it did not save the work of the underestimated generation of kings.

      In July 2002, the "Legend" at the same time exceeded 500,000, becoming the largest online game in the world.

      In August 2002, the Angel Angel's "Angel" represented by Gao Jia was officially launched.

      In August 2002, the ninth city launched a test activity for his "Miracle".

      On October 6, 2002, the private server of "Legend" appeared in China, and the private server began to appear on the historical stage.

      In October 2002, Tianfu Hotline Game Center launched the nation's first online game and TV program "Legendary Beauty". This is the first time that online games use TV program techniques as a means of publicity.

      In October 2002, "Elf" appeared plug -in, and NetEase deleted 100,000 accounts in one breath to eliminate external use.

      In October 2002, the domestic stand -alone game giant Ogilvy Electronics was involved in online games, and "Peacock King" was officially put into operation.

      In October 2002, Shanghai UBI signed an EQ, and the first online game in Europe and the United States logged in to China.

      On November 1, 2002, the player game company Chuangchi officially signed "God Tears".

      On November 5, 2002, the "Magic Sword" of Tianren Interactive Agency entered the internal test stage.

      On November 13, 2002, Jiucheng joined forces to combat Heilongjiang MU plug -in outlets.

      In November 2002, the Tianfu Hotline Game Center operated after one year, and the games operated on the platform reached 9 models, and more than 500 servers were put into operation. The first partner of the regional online game.

      In November 2002, Shanghai Yixing's "Legend of forgotten" began testing.

      In November 2002, excellent digital followed the "The Datang World of the New West Journey" after "The Legend of Immortality". This game is also the beginning of the 21CN website to intervene in the online game industry.

      In November 2002, Sina.com officially signed "Paradise", marking the first domestic account network intervention in the field of online games.

      On December 9, 2002, the first online game masterpiece "Tianjiao" was launched.

      In December 2002, the "N-Age" represented by Tonghua Tongfang of IT entered the test stage. Star proxy enters the test period.

      In December 2002, the "2002 China Online Game Industry Survey Report and Online Game Industry Summit" was held in Chengdu.

      In January 2003, the first online game operator in Sichuan officially launched "Destiny". On January 1, 2003, the game's Shinkansen officially operated "Wonderland Legend".

      On January 24, 2003, Shanda Networks suspended Shanda's operating rights for "Legend" due to the arrears of South Korea's sharing fees due to arrears of South Korea. Essence

      On January 17, 2003, "Tianjiao" launched the POLO car plan, and also used 10 mobile phones as prizes to start large -scale promotional activities in China.

      In February 2003, the "Legend of Wonderland" just tested in the country appeared in China.

      In February 2003, the benchmark Qiu Xin of domestic games returned to his hometown of Chengdu to create a dream factory, committed to the development of original online games.

      In March 2003, Actoz and WEMADE officially cooperated with Guangtong Entertainment. The new generation of "Legend" work "Legend 3" entered the operation preparation stage.

      On March 24, 2003, the first player's rights protection organization "Fate" Player Senmate was born with official support.

      In April 2003, the "First Domestic 3D Online Game" "City of Sky" died in the 襁褓 襁褓, and operator Shanghai Wind Valley Digital Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. also announced its disintegration.

      In April 2003, SARS spread throughout the country. Online games became the main entertainment method of Chinese people during this period. Some companies made some creative promotion activities to grab the beach market.

      In May 2003, Tianyan Digital brought "Phantom Ranger" to exhibit E3 2003, which is the first online game that appeared at the world -class exhibition in China.

      On May 26, 2003, Ogilvy Electronics announced that the online game "Peacock King" was terminated. This is the first online game withdrawn from the market after operation. On May 8, 2003, Beijing Star Company launched an event with the purpose of "New World of Green Online Games". In about a month or so, tens of thousands of illegal roles were permanently suspended. And domestic online game companies united, collectively participated in this activity to prevent cheating such as external plug -in, this event continued until September 2003.

      On May 23, 2003, Tencent's first online game "Triumph" began internal testing.

      In June 2003, Shanghai Yixing Software laid a large -scale layoffs to abandon the "Legend of Forgotten" for only half a year.

      On June 26, 2003, the State Administration of Press and Publication clearly stated that foreign behavior belongs to illegal Internet publishing behavior. And requiring all Internet game publications Before the game starts, the full text of the screen must be published in the "Health Game": resist bad games and reject pirated games. Pay attention to self -protection and beware of being deceived. Moderate game benefits the brain, addicted to the game beverages. Arrange your time reasonably and enjoy a healthy life. In July 2003, Shanda submitted an arbitration application to the Singapore International Court to ask Actoz and WEMADE to compensate for losses caused by the unilateral suspension of the contract.

      In July 2003, Jinshan aircraft carrier -level works "Swordsman Love Online" officially internal test.

      On July 26, 2003, Jinshan Company held a large -scale theme product launch conference "Swordsman Heroes Conference" at Puzhou CCTV Film and Television Base, which was unprecedented.

      On July 28, 2003, the grand development of "Legendary World" began testing, and the number of online people during the test period was as high as 300,000.

      On August 6, 2003, Haihong officially signed a contract agent with ACTOZ ****** tour A3.

      On August 10, 2003, ACTOZ and Shanda rebuilt the old good.

      In August 2003, Lianbang's 40 million sky -high price signed the "Swordsman Love Online" online version card distribution right, which was a sensation.

      On August 27, 2003, Shanda held a press conference. The famous director Chen Kaige officially joined the art director of the 3D version of "Legendary World" and was responsible for making the front animation and other promotional CG.

      In September 2003, online games were officially included in the National 863 Plan. The government will invest 5 million to support the development of original online games. Kingsoft and World Model will become the first batch of benefits of Plan 863.

      On September 26, 2003, the 2003 China Online Game Annual Conference hosted by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and the China Software Industry Association ended. The selection of ten types of domestic online game awards, including a total of more than 50 awards.

      On September 28, 2003, "Legendary World" officially began to charge.

      On October 9, 2003, WEMADE officially filed a lawsuit, accusing Shanda's "Legendary World" infringement, and the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court officially accepted the case.

      On September 25, 2003, "World of Warcraft" was jointly won by Jiucheng, Singapore Telecom, Sohu, and Intel.

      In October 2003, the "Mainland China Rich List" produced by the British Hurun and the "Mainland Chinese Mainland Rich List" produced by Forbes were released one after another. Essence

    2. The first Chinese online game: This article is boring and has not been put out. After all, this is a grand topic, which is more vulgar, but we should remember the daily panic in the virtual world? Today, let's sort out our thoughts, look at our past, accompany our online games in the past, and online games that have not been played in the past ...

      The first online game in the world A American named Rick Blomi wrote a game called "Space War" for Plato's remote teaching system. It can support the remote connection between the two. Interestingly, in 1969, it was the year when Arpnet (Advance Research Projects Agency Network) was born. Everyone knows that ArpaNet is the world's first package exchange network developed by the Ministry of Defense's Senior Research and Planning Administration. Its success directly contributed to the birth of the Internet and the transmission control agreement (ie, TCP/IP), but this game has been forgotten so far In the corner, it is estimated that few domestic players know.

      1978 Ethiopus Studies in the British State, Roy Truboshosh wrote the world's first MUD game- "MUD1" with DEC-10, with 20 interconnected rooms With 10 instructions, users can interact with human -computer interactions through the database, or communicate with other players through chat systems. The concept of "sustainability" appears online games. The role played by players can continue to develop in the same world in an adult, and unlike games on Plato, they can only play a hurry. The game can run across the system. As long as the player has a computer and a modem, and the hardware is compatible, you can connect to any online game at that time.

      1984 Mark Jacques formed AUSI (the predecessor of the developer of King Arthur's Dark Age) and launched the game "Aradath". Jacques set up a server platform in his own home and installed 8 telephone lines to run this text role -playing game. The charging standard of the game is $ 40 per month. The charging method of games and monthly system is conducive to accelerating the civilization process of online games, which will play an important role in the popularization of online games. Unfortunately, the monthly system did not grow at the time. In 1990, AUSI's price set for "Dragons Gate" was $ 20 per hour. Although the rate was amazing, some people were willing to spend each month. Go to play this game more than $ 2,000, so in the late 1990s and early 1990s, the monthly system did not attract people's attention.

      . In 1991, Sierra set up the world's first service platform for online games-the Sierra Network (later renamed NETWORK, was acquired by AOL in 1996). Lianzhong game, its first version is mainly used for running chess and card games (Bill Gates at that time was a fanatical bridge player, with its own account on Sierra Network and often patronized). The functions of "The Shadow of Yserbius", "Red Baron" and "Leisure Suit Larry Vegas" are more complex. At that time, the operator of Sierra Network also contacted Richard Galion, hoping to move the development of "Network Genesis" to Sierra Network. In the following years, a number of online games such as MPG-Net, Ten, Engage, and MPlayer appeared one after another.

      I believe that the senior online game players will know the prototype of online games -MUD, MUD is a type of text game. The action of input commands is used. It is full of stimuli and pleasure. It can be said that text MUD is a "moving novel". You are the protagonist in that novel. When it comes to text MUD, domestic players will not think of "martial arts". Yes, in the early days, most of the domestic text MUDs are martial arts themes. This is inseparable from our national conditions. Think about it. How happy it is to break through the world in the world of martial arts and other martial arts worlds. So the domestic Fang Zhouzi and Master Xiang Xiang established the MUD "Xia Ke Xing" in January 1996. This game became the representative of the domestic text MUD, and almost any MUD enthusiasts were not missed. Later in April 1999, the Lede Fighter Working Group was officially established. After upgrading and reconstruction of the original telephone game, the earliest simplicity graphic MUD game in China- "Swordsman's Loyalty to the Country" The text MUD is facing recession.

      The first real Chinese network graphic MUD game "King of the King" in July 2000 was officially launched. With excellent game quality and special historical conditions, "King of the King" Become an indisputable king in China's first generation of online games. The operating mechanism of Chinese online games has also been established through "King of the King", and the potential market it seduces has become the direct reason to attract more companies to impact the online game market. Two months later, Zhiguan also launched the "Three Kingdoms of the Internet" with the "King of the King" in the same period and won a good reputation.

      In January 2001, Huayi launched the online game "Stone Age" from Japan to defeat all online games in one fell swoop. Online game players have poured in. I believe that most old online games have started from this time. During the period when the time of "Stone Age" was officially popular in China, Internet cafes have become increasingly increasing, becoming an online game to awaken domestic online games. In March of the same year, the AFC, Taiwan Holy Master, and Jinghe Times jointly launched the Korean martial arts online game "Millennium", because the background is closer to Chinese culture, making it the most influential work in the early Korean online games. Inland inland made a breakthrough. Later, the Dragon and Red Moon in South Korea poured into the domestic market. At the end of the year, Netease launched its long -planned domestic original online game "Journey to the West" that has sounded the horn of the portal network entering the online game industry. This measure has made online games a new profit growth point of the portal network.

      At this time, Shanghai Shanda's "Legend" stepped into the online game market. At that time, it did not achieve good results, but no one could think of this. During the year, the domestic online game market was very simple. The rapid growth of domestic netizens and the decline of other online games were the key to the success of the "Legend".

      In 2002, due to the success of "Legend", Korean online games have entered the country, and they suddenly bloom, and the online game industry is chaotic. Subsequently, the legendary private server was rampant, and the "Legend" declined. Players moved to other online games. South Korea's "Miracle" and "Wonderland" are still the protagonists of domestic online games. At the end of the year, the online game industry chain was initially formed, and domestic manufacturers awakened.

      In the three years of this to this day, there have been about 200 online games in China, and online game players have reached 26.33 million, and the market size is huge.

      The online game market is still developing rapidly. The birth of "World of Warcraft" has stimulated European and American online games. Shanda will also represent "Dragon and Dungeon OL". What will happen to the online game market in the future? No one feels expected, but it is certain that this group of domestic agents and development manufacturers dedicated to online games will continue to earn the burst of pockets, let us watch quietly.
      The first 3D game: the first 3D game in history, the first main angle game "Driver of the Night" game history, the first 3D game in the history of the game, the first main angle game "Night Driver"

      In the 1970s, the stars in the game industry were Yadali.
      The people often say: video games were invented by the United States, but in the hands of the Japanese, the invention of the invention was Yadali. During this time, Yada Li continued to create history. 1976 In October, ATARI released a simulation business machine game called "Driver at Night". This game is a black and white screen, with its own frame (that is, steering wheel, throttle, brake, etc.).
      Mou needs to play a crazy driver driving on the highway on the night.
      This guy is the first 3D game in the history of the game. It uses a simple perspective effect (nearly far away) to express the advancement of the car and the effect of road scenery back. It is the ancestor of 3D games.
      In addition, it is also the first game of the main perspective in history. I think everyone should remember this name. It is the master of Need for Speed, Quake and all 3D games.

      The must be explained that after the development of the arcade market, Yadali turned its attention to the home machine market.
      In 1977, Atari launched the ATARI 2600 game console, the world's first home professional game console.
      The same year, BUSHNELL sold his company to Times Warner at a price of $ 28 million. After that, Nintendo and Sega rose rapidly and completely defeated Yadali. The first round game: It seems to be a dream Westward Journey, not very clear, the summer vacation in 2001 came out. The first Q board game: It should be the bubble hall that was released on April 12, 2003. The worst charging game is the worst, don't play: Dream Westward Journey has said, QQ Tencent's games are new every year. The first free game: The bloody rivers and lakes are the first permanent free online game in China. It is V124 version, which was eaten on June 10, 2005. It should not be closed! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Haha enough, choose me

    3. In the end of 1992 and early 1992, the first mud gamingman Kexing was officially launched. Because the game operations had not formed a conceptual structure, there was no update, and there was no expansion. The prevalence of Xia Kexing was quickly replaced by Xiao Ao, Lakes and Clouds, which was launched in 1994. Due to the gradual decrease in players, Xia Ke Xing ended in 1995, and several other mud online games have also ended in the years. There was no concept of charging at that time, so the first free game should be counted.

      The first 3D online game that appeared in China was "Miracle" in 2002, but the first domestic 3D online game is "City of Sky". This game is not officially operated. Yue died with the operator Shanghai Fengzhigu Digital Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.

      The first round -round game was the king of the King of 2000, and it was suspended in 2006 because the player lost (this is basically the reason why most games were suspended). The first online charging game is also it.

      The first Q version of the game is 2001 "Stone Age", this game has been survived until July 7 this year. In the Neoline Times, ONLINE was unable to solve the problem of Chinese copyright. It also closed all game servers on August 2, 2008 to suspend this game operation service. The classic stone game has completely ended the Chinese market.


    4. 1 Official formal-King of King SF-UO Network
      2 Xiao Ao Jianghu Online Version
      3 Stone Age
      4 Stone Age
      50,000 King of Kings 2001
      6 Giant Merchant 2004 2004 Is the annual announcement of free
      Is the question supplement to ask the first suspension? It seems to be the Peacock King, the reason is nothing more than the number of online people, the loss

    5. China's first online game: Legend of the first 3D in 2000 seemed to hope 2001
      The Westward Journey to the West 2001
      q version Hope 2001
      Toll Legend 2000
      Free: forget
      Diablo is an online game? The rivers and lakes are absolutely not legendary early

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