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    1. AS1 [Strong 0.3Z; Weak 0.5Z] adv. 1. [Expressive] Similar, the same, the same, equal, reaches ... It is regarded as, (from a certain way) and ... comparison 3. [rear Direct, agreed, promise, etc.] The same, according to the (specified, consent, agreed) method 4. For example, conj. 1. [Represents comparison] like ... (the same), to the extent, so that: example sentence: It Flew Straight as an arrow.
      You are as good as you think you are.
      The you are as good as you think. 2. [Represents] In the way of…, in the way, like ... as: Example: Do as you are told.
      Do as we do.
      we do what we do. 3. [Represents Time] When ... at the same time, and ... at the same time; when, positively: SHE WEPT As she Spoke.
      . She cried while saying. Pay as you enter.
      Mere money when coming in. 4. [Express the reason] Because, because, since:: example sentence: as you object, we wont go.
      because of your opposition, we will not go. As you are leaving last, lock up.
      You are the last one to leave and lock the door. 5. [use with SO, indicate the result or purpose]: The result is: the question: the question is so obvious as to need no repy.
      This problem is clear, no need to answer. 6. [Express the concession, the word sequence inverted], although, although, the vertical: example: tall as she was she money the oranges.
      although she looks so tall, she still does not have those oranges. Strange as it seems, it is so.
      , although it looks weird, it is the case. 7. [spoken] [Guidance noun clause, in the main sentence of the master and slave composite sentence] = that: example sentence: I dont know as I should.
      I don't know if I should do this. I dont know as I do.
      I don't know I know. 8. [use with SO, represent the purpose] for, for the sake, so that: example sentences: Students Should take notes so as to make revision easier.
      for the sake 9. [Frequently use it with so, indicate the proportions or relationship] positively; with ...::: as the wind blew Harder, so the sea grew rougher.
      Essence 10. As if, it seems (= as if): Example: It seems as shes never happy.
      . She seemed to be unhappy at all. 11. According to the general standards of [use with GO] according to the general standards: example sentence: as far as it goes
      , in general standards, in itself that] 13. [Dialect] Comparison; Rather than ... (not as ...) (= than) pron. For SUCH or the Same, or use the AS of adjectives, guide the attributive clause, which is equal to WHO, which, or that]; as; like ... people (or things); all ... people (or things) 3. The same (= and so) 4. [Dialect] [Dialect] [Guidelines for attributive clauses, = who, white, white or that] prep. A Friend.
      I do not think moch of her as a musician.
      . As a musician, I think it is not very good. 2. It's like, as ...: Example: The Risk is As a Nothing Compared to the Gain.
      The Thief Disguised Himseelf as a Policeman.
      The thief dress up as a police officer. 3. [Represents comparison] like ... (the same): example sentence: as early as 1848
      as early as 1848 EYES As Clear as Crystals
      AS Bridge
      A brand of play, such as Bridge in the earth words in English the initial h is not sounded, as Honour, Hour, Honesty, ETC. N English, such as Honour, Hour, Honesty, etc. The first word H does not pronounce. 5. For the purpose of…: Example: I only said it as a jobke.
      I just joked. 6. In the form of…: example sentences: we all start life as babies.
      We all start the journey of life from the baby. 7. Due to ... Reasons [Asbeing's omission form]: Example: He was detained as Suspects.
      8. The role of ... (in the play) The role: Example: The shows Mr.john As Prince in Hamlet.
      This illustration shows that Mr. John plays the role of the prince in the drama "Hamlet". 9. When someone is ...: As a Child, he was raather naighty.
      This he was naughty when he was a child. Phrase 1. As a Basket of Chips is extremely, very 2. As Above as above; the same as above 3. As Against is compared with ... (in the past); compared with ... compared to (pair) ... 4. AS a A General Thing, convention; usual; about 5. As a matter of countes, of course, it is inevitable 6. AS A Matter of Fact. form作为一种礼节8. as a matter of routine按照常规;例行公事9. as a means of作为…的工具;作为…的方法10. as appears(在…地方)能见到;出现(于);见(于)… 11. as 适当,适合;相当12. as a result (或)因此,结果(发生某种情况),作为结果[见result或] as a(或the) result of 由于…而,作为The result of…; therefore, the result [see Result] 13. As a (general) rule, usually [see Rule] 14. As and when Express the same, equal, or the same association structure of two things], as ... the same as ... as ... as any is no less worse than anything else, ... the most ... in 17. As ... as anything Extremely, very 18. As ... AS Anything Can be ... the better; the more ... the more wonderful 19. As before 20. As ... as ... can to reach the most ... extremely, very, very 21. It is very 21. It is very 21. (AS ...) As Ever seems to be the same as before; still 22. As ... as one can try to try to as much as possible ...; the more ... the better as ... as ... permit in the permit The more ... the better 24. As ... as they comer (or make them) is very, extreme, extremely ... it is particularly [for strengthening the tone] 25. As a system Ground 26. As a Whole as the general, in general, as far as the whole is, it is generally appropriate to summarize 27. As Becomes One; combined; ONE Can (or COULD) do their best, as well as as well as as much as possible, and use all methods; go all out to 30. As Best One May, try their best to try to 31. As Big as they Come 32. As BIG AS you please have nothing to do with it; (as) Black as a Crow (or raven, SLOE) is dark, extremely dark, very dark 34. (AS) Black as coal is dark, dark, extremely dark, 35. (AS) Black as ink
      a. Extreme black B. Dark; no hope, no anger 36. (as) Black as jet is very dark, extremely dark 37. (as) black as midnight is as dark as midnight; as) black as Newgate极黑39. as black as one is painted像人们所说(或认为)的那么坏[用于否定句或疑问句] 40. (as) black as pitch黑如沥青,非常黑,漆黑41. (As) Blunt as Hedge-Hook is very pure 42. (as) Bold as a lion brave lion; very brave 43. (as) bold as black bayard, courage and conspiracy 44. (as) brave AS A Lion is as brave as a lion, very brave 45. (as) Bright as day (or as moon day) is very bright, very bright 46. (as) Bright as Silver (or as the light) is very bright 47. (AS) Brisk as a Butterfly is very lively; very agile 48. (as) Brittle as Glass is easy to break, very crispy 49. As Brad as it is (or ITS) long
      a. There is no difference, half a catty, the result is the same B. The same length and width 50. (as) Brown as a Berry (or as mahogany) brown, brown 51. as chance will (or woo) has happened; accidental; (or ATATLE) is bright; If you look at the fire, you know it is very clear. It is easy to understand 53. (as) Cold as Ice (or a Marble)
      a. Cold and Ruthless 54. (as) Common as the Hedge (or Highway) is very common (or ordinary) 55. As about, as for 56. as coolly as you like 57. (AS) Dark as midnight is dark, very in the middle Dark Dark 58. As Early as is as long as ... as early as ... as ever, still [see as usual] 60. As fair (or good) as is as good; comparable 61. (as) Fair as a lily (as lily (as lily (as lily (as lily (as) (as) (as) Or as a rose) beauty, as good as the water hibiscus (or rose) 62. As far as
      a. Far, until ...; so far; like ... far away B. [spoken] [[spoken] [[spoken] [ Express the degree, scope] ...; that, that's all, do all ... as far as [see Far] 63. As far as anything Goes is general; as far as the matter itself is concerned, as far as the relevant parties are concerned 64. As far as ... be conferned ... and 65. as far as ... goes ... and 66. as far as i can see. In the current situation of my power and 68. as far as it goes; if it is just that 69. As far as one see is based on someone's judgment; What is the ability to do; pole 71. As Far Back AS Early ..., far ... 72. as far forth as = as far as 73. (as) fast as ,things) go照习惯来说;照一般说法,照现在情况来说75. as follows如下;如后76. as forrna. 就…而论,说到;在…方面b. 至于, Regarding 77. As for the rest, as for the later; as for the other, as for the rest (or things), (sometimes implies not concerned or contempt) [See the REST of the REST strip] 78. As From from ... from ... At the beginning [official document] 79. As God is my Witness I have a solemn (or start) oath 80. As Good is equal to, no difference; similarly, 81. as good as is no different, almost the same as ... almost; actually equal, in fact, [see good] 82. (as) good as a feast; Rich 83. As good as done is almost exhausted; the line will complete 84. (as) good as good
      a. 85. As Good As One Word (s) talks, the words and deeds are consistent; about 86. As good as they comer [see COME] 87. (AS) Happy as a King (or A Clam) is very happy, Very happy 88. As Happy (or HONEST) as the day is long is very pleasant (or honest) (especially in a persistent state) 89. As ... have ... said 90. (as) heavy as a bag of Sand (or as Lead, as Sand) is very heavy; (mood) heavy 91. as how
      a. [Main American dialect, spoken language] b. WHETHER) 92. (AS) Hungry as a HAWK (or as a Hunter, as a Wolf) is hungry, hungry, very hungry 93. AS I am alive see as I live 94. as if
      a. It seems that it seems like b. [Guidance noun clause] = that c. [Guide non -fixed sentences, expressing strong feelings such as surprise, disobedience, anger, etc.] It seems ... [Spoken] Unconsciously (after spend Money) [see the Like its Going Out of Fashion] 96. As if its going out of style [spoken] [See Like Its Going Out of Fashion] 97. as if it was = as it was 98. As if (or though) One Owned the Place; IT tries its best; concentrate on 100. as if (or though) something weere (or was) not enough.

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