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    How to play Yi Xing's gameplay skills strategy


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to play Yi Xing's gameplay skills strategy”
    1. When the King of Glory Yixing recruits the team, don't put a big move in a hurry, because your big move is delayed and it is not easy to hit directly. It is best to let your teammates and enemies fight first. The skill is difficult to retreat. It can cut the tank and the enemy back row. We can set off the tank in the fire.
      usually one skill releases more than two, and 2 skills are placed, otherwise the damage is too low.
      I Xing's skill combo: The scope of the collision of black and white chess pieces in skill description is relatively vague, but in reality we can observe it through the naked eye, because both black or white, it has the largest instructions with a lighter color in color. The range can only cause range damage only within the scope of the first chess piece in the range of the first chess piece. The collision location is the center of two chess pieces, which means that the shorter the distance between the two chess pieces, the hit the hit rate of the second stage of damage. The higher it will be.
      It after the release of multiple monochrome chess pieces, another different color chess pieces can attract all monochrome chess pieces within the range. For example, we have released 4 black chess pieces at the same time. Within the maximum range of chess pieces, this white chess piece can attract 4 black chess pieces at the same time, but there is only one in the second explosion, which reduces the range of damage in virtual, and is more likely to hit multiple enemies in team battles.
      The cast distance of Yixing 1 and 2 skills is very far, which allows him to have innate advantages when consuming the enemy. In actual combat, we can release a chess piece around the enemy in advance, and then determine the enemy's travel path. The position released by the second chess piece is not fixed, it can be collisions front and back, or left and right collisions, as long as it can ensure the enemy.
      Is after being cut by the enemy, Yi Xing did not repel or instantly control the ability, but we can also use the first and second skills to achieve the purpose of escape. It can be put instantly, because they show range damage after they collide, so that its deceleration effect can be played, which is more conducive to Yixing's limit!

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