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    What does it mean to dozoic Rao?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What does it mean to dozoic Rao?”
    1. Zhongzhi Shangrao Mahjong is a very popular mahjong game in Shangrao, Jiangxi. Because it is easy to get started, playfulness and fun are good, so it is more popular across the country. Fashionable and simple chess and card pictures, real -life real -time battle gameplay.
      game features
      1. The interface is clear and beautiful;

      2, one -click login, no registration; N4, a variety of players, go online at any time.
      game content
      1, online appointment, friends appointment, one click invites friends to start the game.
      2, automatic settlement and winning or losing, calculating according to the rules algorithm, restore the actual mahjong calculation method and gameplay.
      3, one -click sharing record, according to the settlement of each game, finally settle the total record of the final settlement, support one -click sharing, the record content is clearly visible.
      4, IP positioning record back to avoid all cheating behaviors. The record interface is added to the game back function to view the game anymore anymore.
      5, unique gameplay, the same song, laughing back, up and down, buried mines, to restore real mahjong from various aspects such as gameplay, rules, and calculations.

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