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    What is the order of Yi Xing's consecutive move in "Glory of the King"?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What is the order of Yi Xing's consecutive move in "Glory of the King"?”
    1. 1. In the glory of the king, Yi Xing's skill mechanism is quite simple and the skill linkage is also very intuitive. Therefore, Yixing's combo in the game is basically 312221112.
      2, first set the enemy through the big move, and then release the chess pieces accumulated in one or two skills. Because of the cooling reduction, it can generally release eight chess pieces. This is the biggest outbreak of Yixing.
      3. If Yixing can grow to the degree of full CD, then the company can still become a move, so that two more chess pieces are played than the previous combo, the damage is much higher.
      Yixing is a male original mage -type hero character in Tencent's mobile game "Glory of the King". On September 23, 2021, Yi Xing re -launched.
      The background prototype is the descendant of Xu Maogong, the Gongcong of the Tang Dynasty, but the case of defeating the Musloma messenger was taken from Gu Shiyan.

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